Park Rules & Forms

Rules and Regulations

Park Hours - “Sunrise to Sunset”

No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed

No Motorized Vehicles

Timberlake: No person shall: Swim, Wade, or otherwise enter into the lake in Timberlake Park, nor shall Boating, or Ice-Skating upon the lake be permitted.

TRI-STATE PARK DISTRICT expands park properties…

Tri State Park commissioners voted unanimously to acquire 1.33 acres north of I-55 and east of Clarendon Hills road on 8063 Williams. (Little Creek Park).

This has been in a master plan for the district for over twenty (20) years. The commissioners felt that the time was right to give the community in which it serves more open space to enjoy. The TRI-STATE PARK DISTRICT has approximately 20 acres consisting of three playgrounds, a tennis court, a baseball field, and a basketball court in SUNSHINE PARK, WEBER PARK and TIMBERLAKE PARK and their new addition LITTLE CREEK PARK.

The district is proud of the way these parks have been cared for and maintained, over the past 48 years. Many previous commissioners had a vision for our community to improve these parks and have volunteered many hours of hard work, always keeping their eye on the end results.

Over the last two years many dreams of the past commissioners are now coming to pass. A path now connects SUNSHINE to WEBER so that all the residents have access to the tennis court, baseball field, basketball court and playgrounds.

Tri-State Park District covers parts of three precincts and two communities Burr Ridge, and Willowbrook as well as unincorporated areas of Timberlake and Tri-State Village. Its boundaries are South of 79th Street, to North of 91st street, East of Madison street, to Clarendon Hills Road.