Tri-State Park District was established in the 1950's, and the boundaries were also formed during the same time period.


The District serves the Unincorporated DuPage County areas of Timberlake and Tri-State Village located near Rt. 83 and I-55 in suburban Chicago.

Information About Tri-State

Tri-State was a small unincorporated area that was along the famous Route 66, and a two lane road known as Route 83. This route was going to connect Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana this would have been the original bypass around Chicago....Thus, Tri-State Park District got its' name.

Timberlake the "Pride of the Park District"

Is located at 87th Street and Lakewood Drive. This body of water was carved out as result of a need for landfill elsewhere. The large hole that was left was in the Tri-State Park District, over the years the district shaped and dressed the shoreline. The Lake was filled by natural ground water, and is used as a retention area for DuPage County for flood control.